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Ebru Becker (Russland)

The daughter of the famous teacher-choreographer - dancer - Natalie Becker has become a worldwide famous artist herself.

Since childhood, Ebru has been engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, classical choreography and modern dance (hip-hop, disco).
Certified teacher choreographer from instut culture in Saint-Petersburg.
Constant participation in National and International competitions and Championships were almost always victorious.

Ebru is solist of the ensemble "Oasis Dance" and dance project "Russian Bellydance Superstars". In this project, Ebru also participated as a teacher-rehearsal.

Ebru is a leading teacher at the school - Studio of Natalia Becker "Oasis Dance".
Ebru is also a teacher-tutor of the ensemble "Oasis Dance" and opened a branch of the school in Moscow.

More than 20 times Ebru became the Champion of Europe and the World in the ensemble and Duo Oasis Dance!

More than 30 times became the owner of the Cup of Russia and the Champion of Russia in the ensemble and Duo Oasis Dance!

Multiple silver medalist of Cups and Championships of Russia and the World as part of the ensemble and the Duo Oasis Dance!


•And finally, solo achievements:
2011 world championship in Korea - 1st place!
2012 World Cup (IDO) - 1st place!
2012 - Silver medalist of the Cairo festival Ahlan Wa Sahlan.
2013/2014 year, the World championship (IDO) - 2 place!
2014/2015 Russian Cup - 1st place!
2015 world championship (IDO version) - 1st place!

•As well as victories at International festivals and competitions:
2010 in Berlin - "Hathor Cup" - 1st place!
2010 international Cup in Italy - 1st place!
2010 International festival in Istanbul - 1st place!
2011 International competition in Venice - 1st place!
2011 Turin - ”Miss Stelle d'oriente in the World" - 1st place!
2011 International competition in Morroco - 1st place!
Tours - Germany, France, Latvia, Korea, Egypt, Turkey, Morroco, Italy, Spain, Japan, China, Mexico, Argentina, many cities of Russia.

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