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Manis (Indonesia / Germany)

Manis Sharojeddin was born in Singapore in 1953. After her instruction to an educator she worked for 18 years with children and juveniles in a care-centre in Düsseldorf.
After instructions since 1984 in modern-, jazz-, afro-, Brazilian-, and samba-dance she finally found her own development possibilities in oriental dance. Her enthusiasm and love to it holds on and can be experienced in her lessons as well as in her numerous performances in Germany and international.

Continuation studies by so many famous teachers widened her repertoire and competence. Since 92 she is a full-time-dancer and more than a ever popular teacher in inland and in foreign countries. She is also head of the department “Oriental Dance” in the famous “tanzhaus nrw – die Werkstatt e.V.”.

Her spirited spontaneity and a great interest in creating choreographies characterize her work.
She is also known through TV, works with many popular music-groups in the field of Oriental Dance and founded the popular show-group SINAM.

Info: www.manis-tanz.de


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