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Paula Yunis (Spanien, Argentinien)

Born in Patagonia Argentina with Lebanese heritage, Paula’s upbringing has been surrounded in the Arab culture. Her bellydance training began 8 years along with Martial Arts. She has managed her own school in Viedma, Argentina before moving into Spain.
Paula is called by various schools and festivals across the country and abroad to provide workshops and performances. She has traveled to Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Egypt, Japan, Dubai, India, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Thailand and Vietnam.
In 2012, Paula participated in the European premiere of "Dark Side of the Crown” directed by world famous belly dancer Jillina.
In 2015 participated for second time in the european tour of "Alice in Wonderland" and she wins the people choice.
Currently, Paula participates in various events under numerous titles, utilizing her many talents; whether it be organizer or performer. Paula’s specialties are: Stylized Bellydance / New Baladi / Bollywood /Indian Fusion / Oriental Tango / Oriental Fusion.
Paula's the dancer of the musical groupes Cuerno de Cabra, Ritangos and Kabayla Zingary.
Her objective is to convey a dance full of emotion, attention to detail, subtle gesture or look, thus achieving perfect harmony between art, emotion and experience.
Paula Yunis
Bellydancer International
Graduate professor Amir ADS Thaleb
Professor of Bollywood & Fusion Dance

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