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Raquel Cirne (Brasil, Spain)

has studied in History and Scenic Arts with a post-graduation in Historical Patrimony. She taught history and religion in a public school for three years, dancing at the same time, and developing many projects to combine education and art.

Raquel has been dancing for almost ten years, beginning with flamenco with teachers such as Cadica Borghetti, Andrea del Puerto, Eva Yerbabuena, Sara Baras and La Lupi. Shortly thereafter, she began studying belly dance with Karina Iman, Munique Neith, Lulu Sabongi, Mohammed el Sayed. This is now her main focus, with the purpose of saving its sacred and ancient values.

In 2004 she produced, directed and acted in the show "Caminos Ahlam", in which 22 dancers participated, combining flamenco and belly dancing. Since then, she also began to work with fusion dances such as Arabian flamenco and Brazilian dance and belly dance.

She has participated in important visits such as the national show “Aeini Aleek”, the “Luna Mora Festival”, “Feria de los Pueblos”, many medieval-themed fairs, cultural weeks, Arabian dinner-events and more. Along with the actress Teresa Ruiz she organizes the show “Lunas” (Moons), an original and unique project that combines belly dance and Oriental tales, a different version every month.

Raquel also practises yoga and teaches Pilates. She works in four places in Malaga, organizes women’s meetings and acts with her company "Las Flores de Loto" (The Lotus Flowers) throughout Andalusia - always looking out for constant theoretical and practical improvements.


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