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Carvoiero-Algarve / Portugal 19th– 29th May 2017

Lisbon 29th May– 2nd June 2017

Bom dia,

and welcome to the Dahab Holiday Dance Festival 2017 in the Algarve, Al-Gharb - the West, as the Moors called this area.
We travel to the scenic most impressive part, the "rock Algarve", a 20-50 m high cliff coast with countless caves and picturesque rock formations, interrupted by sandy beaches and coves.

The "Algarvios" distinguish a quiet, old-fashioned courtesy, as well as a warm-hearted hospitality. They saw ships coming and going, cosmopolitanism and openness reach far back into the past. Here as in Lisbon the emotion deep Fado is loved, a music full of "saudade", full of gentle melancholy.

The bay of Carvoeiro

Demo2 fourth
Helene of Norway
Demo2 first
Azad Kaan - (Türkei, D)
Demo2 fourth
Joana Saahirah - (Portugal)
Demo2 fourth
Manis - (D, Indonesien)
Demo2 third
Melli Sarina - (Deutschland)
Demo2 fourth
Tara - Festivalveranstalterin
Demo2 third
Aziza - (Kanada)
Demo2 third
Shalymar (Deutschland)
Demo2 third
Tania Luiz - (Portugal)
Demo2 third
Gamila - (Deutschland)
Demo2 third
Luxor - (Russland)
Demo2 fourth
Mardshana - (Deutschland)
Demo2 third
Sanjana Muthreja - (Indien)

* An unforgettable event *
stars and starlets

Seven artists who also gave „Tarazade“ in Istanbul its glamor are joining the Dahab Festival, I am pleased to welcome two of them for the first time: Joana Saahirah, a creative and very authentic dancer, who – as Portuguese - performed for many years in the most famous night clubs of Cairo. Luxor from Moscow, who lets the audience tremble with each of his shows and who guarantees workshops with heart and at its finest. And Sanjana Muthreja from Mumbai who thrills with Indian-Tribal-Oriental fusions.

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