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Program with:
The Fringe Events :
  • Aziza (USA, Canada)
  • Luxor (Russia)
  • Sara Pappalardo (Italy)
  • Ebru Bekker (Russia)
  • Azad Kaan (Ger.,Turkey)
  • Yalia (Austria)
  • Raksan (Ger.)
  • Silvia Brazolli (Italy)
  • Gamila (Ger.)
  • Mardshana (Ger.)
  • Melli Sarina (Ger.)
  • Anjuli (Ger.)
  • International Opening and Closing Show
  • Excursion to Scilla / Reggio di Calabria
  • Afternoon / evening in Pizzo di Calabria
  • Barbecue evening in the village
  • Galadinner at the pool
  • Open Stage for the festival participants

    ! Short-term changes are possible !


TAI-Intensive with Raksan
Dance-Expression-improvisation, Raksan's passion is TAI: You dance oriental and also contemporary, with heart, belly and head, with meaning and sensuality. We experience the improvisation as a wide field of experience, in which the body becomes the instrument of the soul and the movement flows freely and loosely from the inside to the visible.
If you like, you can present the results of the intensive on the Open Stage as part of the group. An additional lesson is offered in the workshop-program for preparing the performance.
Trained by the Stars Award

After an individual intensive training with detailed feed-back from Aziza and Luxor there is the award ceremony waiting for the participants at the Closing Show.
One of the participants will be selected by our Stars to perform in this show.

Azad, Majidah, Aziza

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oriental dance festival - oriental dance journeys to Turkey and Morocco

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